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Learning to Read #8

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

These chosen as my next installments in the LOST Book Club.

This book (both stories were included in one binding) sat on my nightstand for days before I picked it up to really begin.  My first impulses caused me to cringe because Alice in Wonderland brought two unpleasant thoughts to my mind:  1) the trippy Disney movie that was impossible to follow as a little girl, and 2) schoolmates chanting “Allison Wonderland” in elementary school. I knew it’s “Children’s Classic” marking meant that it couldn’t all that difficult to get through, but I figured it would most likely be…well, boring.

I was pleasantly surprised as I read through the first story, though I don’t believe I’ll run to read it again.  To be involved in Alice’s dream world was fun, and I appreciated the ludicrous characters; as a child I remember becoming frustrated and angry with the crazed creatures Alice encounters, but now I just had to smile.  Being a former English teacher, I enjoyed the puns and the word plays as well.  The story was very inventive and nearly believable; though I knew that Alice had to just be dreaming, I felt as though I could see her adventures.  That might have been aided by Disney background, though.

All of that said, I found the pursuit of the second story to be rather daunting.  Once Wonderland was finished, the book took quite a break before I forced myself to accompany Alice through her Looking Glass.  I needed a bit of time to recover from my first acid-induced adventure.  The second story was also fairly clever, though I don’t think it had quite the charm as his first novel.  It wasn’t different enough from Wonderland for me to be really impressed, and the constant meaningless songs and poems became very mundane for me.  I know that each probably possess their own hidden, deeper messages, but I just didn’t care to dissect them.

As far as LOST goes, I saw some early connections with Wonderland (Jack chasing his father like Alice chases the White Rabbit…well, maybe just that one), but did not find a whole lot with the Looking Glass (except for the station called “The Looking Glass”; maybe something about the backwards nature of those on the other side of the glass?…).  I know there has to be a lot of intricate symbolism that I’ve been too lazy to search for.

alice.jpgAs an aside, it was quite fun to be reading Wonderland during our recent primaries.   While I stood in line to cast my ballot, Alice was experiencing her own caucus race in the novel.  Hers went quite a bit faster, though.


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I Blame Ryan

Despite my best intentions, I have once again gotten myself sucked in to American Idol. I had promised society that I wouldn’t watch this show anymore, and I have to beg everyone’s forgiveness. It’s not that I have anything really against this competition, but when I’ve watched Idol in the past the winners have been very disappointing; the only seasons that I attended to faithfully produced such greats as Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, and Taylor Hicks. For the sake of decent music, I chose to forever abstain.

And yet, here I am again.

So before this season produces another pseudo-star, I wanted to take the opportunity to point out my scapegoat, the person we can all blame if we find ourselves with yet another American Flop. It’s Ryan’s fault. He wanted me to watch the early episodes with him (because he likes to laugh at the stinky auditionees; such cruelty…), then he wanted to see how Hollywood went, then he wanted to keep watching because he has a favorite contestant, and now I’m STUCK! I’ve gotten really in to the competition (I even know all of the contestant’s names!), and now I have to see this season through.

Since it’s still pretty early, I wanted to let everyone know that I do have a favorite: David Cook, the rocker from Missouri. I have no idea how big his fan base is, and I really don’t anticipate him winning the whole thing, but I love his voice. I just hope he can make it long enough to get some recognition so he can sing for a band or something (a’ la Daughtry).



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RIP Freaks and Geeks

With late night/early morning baby feedings, I’ve found that I have had (in tiny increments) the luxury of free time. So far with my free time I’ve had the opportunity to read, catch up on some TV (and I mean catch up; my favorite has been the ER reruns from five years ago), journal, etc. Anything that can be done in a 30-40 minute stretch that doesn’t require me to move.

freaks_and_geeks.jpg I was bragging about my time wealth to my sister, and she generously offered to let me borrow her DVD collection of one of her favorite shows, Freaks and Geeks. I had just started college when this show initially aired and missed the entire series, and Ashley assured me that I would love it as she had.

I just finished watching the series this weekend, and oh my goodness, what a fantastic show! The characters were so believable, the situations so common, the stories so real. Since it was canceled 8 years ago I know I have no choice but to bid it farewell, but believe me this is done under protest. So so sad when good shows get canned. 😦

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