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Father-Daughter Banquet

This past Saturday, Ryan and Jordan were able to attend their first ever Father-Daughter Banquet.  For weeks Jordan was very excited about her special date with just Daddy, and since this was a no-Mommy affair, Ryan was kind to snap some photos and give me the full report.

You can't tell from her almost-smile, but Jordan is absolutely thrilled!

The first activity on the Banquet agenda was some special questions for the daddies and daughters to get to know each other better.  Keep in mind that the Banquet is for daughters aged 3 to 18…

Question 1:  Tell me about your best friends.

Jordan’s response:  I don’t want to.

Question 2:  What is your favorite game?

Jordan’s response:  This one.

Question 3:  What do you like to do at school?

Jordan’s response:  Color and watch movies.

Question 4: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Jordan’s response:  Drive and sit in the big seat.

As they wrapped up their questions, they were served a yummy pasta dinner by our youth group boys (Ryan said Jordan mostly dined on breadsticks), and then they were treated to a great talk by one of our favorites, Michael Harbour.  Though his message was according to Ryan both uplifting and inspiring, Jordan seemed to think that this was the best time to walk off her dinner.  No pictures to post, but apparently she mostly walked around the back of the gym and quietly twirled her tutu skirt.  Did I mention this was for ages 3-18?

Following Michael’s message was dessert which consisted off chocolate fondue and lots of dippers.


I want to give additional props to Ryan because Jordan came home with minimal chocolate on her pretty clothes.  Well done, Daddy.

When it came time to pick their desserts, Ryan tells me that he’s never seen Jordan’s eyes wider than when she saw the collection of pink marshmallows that awaited her.  She was sure to tell me about that as well once she returned home!

"Jordan, can you show us your dessert?"

They wrapped up the evening with a handwritten letter from the Daddies to the Daughters.  Ryan bragged on Jordan for making it through two whole lines of his letter before saying, “Daddy.  I want to go run now.”

Cute outfit, huh? Thanks, Gigi!!

I’m so thankful that we are part of a congregation that does such awesome things for our families.  Both Ryan and Jordan came home glowing from their fun evening together, and I know that these Banquets (as well as these precious letters from Ryan) will be something that both of them will always treasure.

Just a little over three years until I get to start taking Jackson to the Mother-Son Cookouts…


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