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Today I was impressed by an encounter I was sharing with my daughter.  As I took to the computer to write my sister (also known as Jordan’s precious Aunt “Ashy”), behind me Jordan was dancing about our living room and talking on her pretend phone.  Pretty soon I heard her speak in her gibberish, “Blah blah blah Ashy.”  I started to smile at her monologue when I was overtaken by the bizarre truth of her timing; I hadn’t told her that I was writing Ashley an email.  Ashley was just, as she often is, on Jordan’s mind.

After including this episode in my email to my sister, I asked Jordan if she’d like to play with Ashley this weekend, which resulted in her running to the front door and yelling in her little voice, “Ashy!!!  Ashy!!!  COME!!”  I then added this to my note, and then tried to comfort my kid as she mourned the fact that our playdate wasn’t for a few days.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised and blessed by so many moments in my new role as a mom.  I expected to be overwhelmed by mine and Ryan’s increased capacity to love another person, but so many wonderful aspects of parenthood came as a total shock.  Like not minding the increased housework.  Or watching a personality develop in an entirely new person, and seeing how some of her traits mirror mine or Ryan’s—or come completely out of left field!  One thing I didn’t expect was how quickly and fiercely Jordan would decide to love and adore our family members.

Among Jordan’s first words were the names of those in our family.  When she plays, she talks about them (or to them on her phone), and one of her favorite things to do is look through her pictures and name off each of her loved ones (Mimi, Pop, Gigi, Poppy, Ashy, Tim, Jason, Kiss-Kiss {Cristen}, Ma-moo, Gamma, Papa, Holly, Holly {Ismael is also Holly}, Megan, Joe-la, Hedder, Him {we’re still working on Eric–that name’s hard!}, and the list continues…).

It warms me to see how attached she is to our dear family.  And just to look at the beginning of her list of loved ones, it’s no wonder we have such a happy kid.  Keep up the good work, everyone!!


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