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A Note of Gratitude

The past four months, my husband, my daughter, my dog, my stuff, and myself have all been residing under the roof of my wonderfully gracious and kind in-laws.  In less than a few weeks we will be loading up the moving trucks and these precious souls will finally have their home back, hopefully in the same gorgeous state as before we descended upon them.

I wanted to send out an Internet notice of my appreciation and also attach some photographic proof of their kindness.  You look and tell me; are you ready for us to invade you next??

This is Mike’s office.  Notice the blocked-in chair.

I’m sure what everyone wants in their newly remodeled bathroom is a collection of princess pajamas.

There are very few available walls that don’t look like this one. Before, Debi just had TWO pictures on this wall.

Surprises behind every door.

And the final bit of evidence.  Besides M.C. Hamster, this is only animal that has joined my sweet in-laws in their home.  Please don’t miss the books, purses, and jewelry that also adorn this beautiful room. Don’t exactly add to it, do they? 🙂

Thank you so much, Mike and Debi, for your generosity!  We’ve had such a wonderful time!!


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The past several months our family has been seriously cramming for our upcoming trip to Disneyworld.  I say “cramming” because to introduce a two-year old to all that is Disney in hopes that she will be starstruck once we hit the magic of Orlando means that time must be dedicated to learning all of the characters and stories.  Since Wikipedia reports that there are at least 65 animated Disney films (not including live-action OR the plethora of sequels), we’ve had our work cut out for us.

Not that we’ve considered any of this work really (come on, most of us would relish the chance to revisit all our Disney favorites!), but since we are getting the opportunity to observe our little one’s first Disney moments, we’ve garnered a new perspective about these treasured classics.

Disney is terrifying.

Seriously, crazy scary.

Now if you promise not the read this with the lights out or right before bedtime, I’ll give you a little glimpse of the terror that has befallen our family in recent weeks. Consider this your considerate warning.

1. The Evil Queen from Snow White

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As if her voice weren’t creepy enough, this woman actually transforms on camera from a vicious looking queen to a terrifying peddler woman. And in the meantime, her buddy the Magic Mirror drones on in a very Bela Lugosi manner.  The Mirror makes Jordan scream.  Literally scream.

2. Lady Tremaine from Cinderella

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Granted she’s no Evil Queen, but when we first meet this character, her eyes are glowing yellow from her bed as Cinderella brings her breakfast.  Yikes.

3. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

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Her name is Maleficent, for crying out loud! And if you weren’t thoroughly spooked by her green-skinned, devil-horned attire, she turns in to a giant fire-breathing dragon just to ensure that nightmares will await you.  I hope that she decides to haunt Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disney Land while we are on the opposite end of the country…

4. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

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She’s huge. Her voice is deep.  And she turns in to a leviathan.  Plus she hangs out with two hissing eels, and she transforms pretty little mer-people in to yucky, droopy-eyed water plants.

5. The voodoo spirits in The Princess and the Frog

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Dr. Facilier wasn’t so bad, but the mystical shadows that follow him about are haunting. (*shudder*)

6. Scud from Toy Story

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Or in Jordan’s language, “The stupey dog.”  Because of him, she only wants to watch Toy Story 2 (OK, maybe the bigger motivator is the fact that her precious cowgirl Jessie is in the 2nd one).

7. Bruce and the Scuba Diver in Finding Nemo

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Because of these characters we learned that some Disney before bed was not a good idea.

We still have quite a few more movies to “study” before our trip next month, but I think Jordan has a pretty good working knowledge of the magic of Disney.  In addition to the above movies (that are still GREAT despite the potential terror!), I wanted to pass on my congeniality awards for the Disney products that have been a bit less than scary.  Robin Hood (which was apparently Ryan’s favorite), Toy Story 2, Cars, and UP were all blissfully enjoyed, and Jordan has also become a fan of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Imagination Movers, and Phineas and Ferb.  Which reminds me, have any of the rest of you watched Phineas and Ferb?  You should set it on your DVR.  Not kidding.

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Case Closed!

This past Thursday Ryan and I painlessly closed on our new home. Our experience at the title company was so ridiculously pleasant, and as we finished writing our names (about 100 times or so, but who’s counting? :)), we were told that this was one of the easiest house closings that this agent had ever had.  We couldn’t agree more!

We’re excited to show off some pictures and have our dear ones over to bless our new place, but for now this will have to do. Our poor seller is scheduled for a c-section this week (can you imagine?!  9 months pregnant and trying to move??!!), so they are renting the house back from us until the end of the month.  In the meantime, let the shopping begin! Alright, that’s a little less than accurate, but “let the shopping continue!” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. In any case, the fun is definitely here!!

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