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All’s quiet in the Kirksey house, so I thought I’d write a brief moving update.

Originally our plan had been to close on our house in Friendswood on Wednesday and then do our final move Saturday the 1st.  After a small change in plans regarding the offer for our next hopeful house, we are now closing Monday which means our last Heritage Park day was moved to Thursday, April 29.  Since we didn’t think any of our loved ones would appreciate taking a day off of work to help us move (though it is SO fun, right??), we’ve altered our final move for Sunday, April 24.  In other words, tomorrow! 🙂

Ryan and I have been slowly packing and moving items to storage for several weeks now, so to change the move-out to this weekend has really not been that big of a deal.  We finished the kitchen yesterday (the biggest job, besides furniture), so now all we have left are random items to be packed in those dreaded “Miscellaneous” boxes.  Many, many thanks to Ryan’s Mom for offering (and providing!) both child care and extra packing hands this week.  We are very sad that she had to miss her London trip due to all of that volcanic ash, but we so appreciate her time and generosity!

As for Part 2 of our moving (also known as “Where are you moving to?”), the short answer is that we are not quite sure yet.  We do have a house that we like, but since it is bank-owned, we have to wait until we close on Heritage Park before the bank will look at our offer.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed on that house, but since we’re not sure that this one will work out we are doing our best to keep our options open and not spend too much time mentally unpacking and decorating this pretty house that we’d like to buy.  Hopefully we’ll know more in a week or two, but in the meantime we are preparing for an indefinite stay at Ryan’s gracious parents’ house.

I’ll keep everyone posted about our next place, but for now our “change of address” is a P.O. Box in Clear Lake. 🙂  We appreciate your prayers during these next few weeks as we continue to live in limbo.  Though we haven’t really felt too much of the odd discomfort yet (thankfully!!), we know we are still pretty early in this transition, and we’re mindful of how all of this change could affect and IS affecting Jordan.  We know she’ll be thrilled at what’s next, though:  moving in with Gigi!!


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