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Does anyone like to drive?  Are you looking for an opportunity to see the open road, visit wide open spaces??  Oh boy, do I have the excursion for YOU!!

In all seriousness, I need some drivers.  Last week I was able to enjoy a week of vacation with my fantastic in-laws, and after several days of gleeful stepping across London, I returned back home to my family, my routine, and my part-time job.  This morning when I go to the office, I saw a list of to-dos on my desk, and blaring across the page were the words “MPulse–Still need 2 drivers”.  And when do I need these 2 drivers??  THURSDAY!!  As in 2 DAYS!!!!  Holy cow!!!

I tried to push my heart out of my throat and immediately got to work to find these 2 precious people.  8 hours, several emails, and even a Facebook plea later, I’m still in the same boat.  Sigh…

So here’s my last resort:  hello, dear Blog Friends.  Would any of you like to drive and pick up some campers from ACU?  Our drivers would need to leave Thursday afternoon, and would return Friday afternoon or evening.  The church would provide your hotel accommodations and gas cards, and I’m pretty sure that Jesus would become your new best friend.  I DEFINITELY would!!

If you are at all interested, please let me know ASAP.  I appreciate all of you!!


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Earlier this evening I caught a couple of grins while watching my husband talk with his forever friend, Jeremy, on the phone. Last month our dear friends moved to Colorado Springs, a mere 980+ miles away, and Ryan was calling to pass on his birthday wishes to his buddy. It blessed me to see Ryan’s big happy smile as he talked with his friend, and as I heard his chuckles from across the house, though I couldn’t quite hear the jokes being shared, I caught myself laughing as well.

After Ryan got off the phone, we leaned on each other and shared a sigh. We are both so excited for our friends and their adventure, but the fact remains that though we are happy, we still miss them painfully. You see, a year ago at this time, we were sharing a few adventures together. Jeremy and Mandy along with our other dear friends (Regan and Maren) planned a trip with Ryan and myself during the 4th of July holiday. This past weekend served as a constant reminder of their friendship and our precious memories as we enjoyed our holiday weekend, but this time not alongside our friends.

Once we got over our sighing, Ryan and I started counting up our blessings and our “Jeremy and Mandy Moments” from the past few days. On more than one occasion this weekend we’ve smiled together about different situations that reminded us of our wonderful friends, and we thought it would be fun to create a memory list. Here goes:

1. Pop Ice. Or as our daughter now refers to them, “Iiiiiice!!!” Jeremy passed on his huge barely eaten box of frozen treats to us before they moved, and every time Ryan grabs one we both think of where we got them. Ryan was even eating one while on the phone with Jeremy.

2. Constant Colorado talk. Currently it seems that there are quite a few people that we know that are either moving to Colorado or are planning a trip there quite soon. Even the characters in the novel that I am currently reading have all moved themselves to Boulder, and one character just decided on a day trip to Colorado Springs. Apparently that’s the thing to do.

3. The “Over-the-Fence” Disposal System. On Saturday I noticed that several of our neighbors had decided to use the empty land between their respective fences as a dump site. When I asked Ryan, “Now who would just throw their crap over their fence?”, he looked at me for a second and then just started to laugh…

4. The Solitary Sidekick. As we wrapped up our 4th of July fun with our church Saturday night, I caught a glimpse of a sweet little boy name Enrique. Enrique has a special place in our hearts not because of the time we’ve spent with him (we really don’t know him very well at all), but because he and our precious Caleb were great friends at school this past year. I really couldn’t fight the tears as I watched Enrique wander outside without his (quite literal) running buddy, and my heart ached as I then peeked at my husband, missing his great friend as well.

My intent is not too end this on a sad note, chiefly because “sadness” doesn’t adequately describe our current state. Yes, we miss them terribly, but their current physical absence from us does not at all suggest that we don’t have them with us everywhere we go. There has not been a day when we haven’t been reminded of our friends, been enriched, been blessed. We can’t have a void in our lives of where they used to be because their presence in our hearts is where they will always be. I said before that Ryan and Jeremy are forever friends. Forever is bigger than Colorado.

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