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Destined to Be Friends??

Until recently, Ryan has always teased me for my fascination with Rockets’ forward Shane Battier. I’ve always had the impression that he seemed like a really quality person, and whenever Ryan has jokingly referred to him as my “crush”, my response has been without fail, “No, I just think you guys should be friends.”

I say “until recently” because Ryan laughingly read a brief interview with the basketball star yesterday and discovered something that I already long believed to be true. I’m going to post the questions and Shane’s answers, as well as what Ryan’s answers would be. Wonder if we could get a play date?…

1. What is the last book he read? Shane’s answer: What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell. Ryan’s answer: Either The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay or The Sky is Falling: Leaders Lost in Transition by Alan Roxburgh. They were simultaneous. My guess is that the Gladwell book could possibly be on his list, though, after his delight in his earlier read of Outliers. (Just an interesting note: Battier’s wife, Heidi, also answered these questions for her husband, and along with the correct choice, she mentioned that Shane is always flipping through Bill Simmons’ book. A book that was on Ryan’s night stand for weeks. Maybe Heidi and I need to be friends, too.)

2. Best Valentine’s gift ever bought? Shane’s answer: some piece of jewelry. Ryan’s answer: He’s not sure which gifts have come at which times, but he was thinking of a pair of sweet heart earrings he bought at Tiffany in New York. He’s a great gifter.

3. Essential gadget? Shane’s answer: Blackberry. Ryan’s answer: Blackberry.

4. Essential grooming product? Shane’s answer: shaving oil, the Total Shaving Solution. Ryan’s answer: Kiehl’s shaving lotion. Though the answers aren’t quite the same, I think the fact that Battier cares enough about grooming products to have a favorite shows that there is a lot of potential for friendship there.

5. Celebrity crush? Shane’s answer: Heidi Klum. Ryan’s answer: Emmanuelle Chriqui, the totally beautiful actress from Entourage. But let’s face it, folks, Shane’s right.

6. Which reality/game show would he go on? Shane’s answer: Jeopardy. Ryan’s answer: Jeopardy or Family Feud. We only daily record Jeopardy, though.

Crazy, huh?!  I’ll be sure to let all of you know as soon as Shane calls to hang out.

Shane and his beautiful wife, Heidi.

His new best friend, Ryan. We all need more reasons to cheer for the Rockets, right?


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