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Fright Night Report

After careful calculation, I’m happy to share my Halloween favorites for this year!


Scariest New Movie: Paranormal Activity. Believe the hype–it’s terrifying! I read that the director’s intent was to make a movie that captured the “subtle scare”, and I believe he mastered just that. Unfortunately in recent years the scary movie has evolved in to a gore-fest, and it’s refreshing to see some real suspenseful genius at work. I believe a good scare is about anticipation, not about how disturbing one can make their blood-filled images. I saw this movie with my sister, and we can both attest to its fright factor. In our 430+ theater, there wasn’t a single viewer that didn’t let out a yelp at least once.


Best “New” Classic: Wolf Man. As one who would like to consider herself a “horror movie connoisseur”, there are some oldie-but-goodie movies I need to see. I’ve set out to capture some of the classics, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one with Lon Chaney, and Mr. Terror himself, Bela Lugosi. I was happy to be reminded of some scenes that I’ve caught before (all Sandlot fans would be pleased!) and was decidedly impressed with this movie’s impact on future scares. An honorable mention goes to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? with Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. It’s amazing how one can still jump without the assistance of special effects.



Best Homemade Treat: Ashley’s Rice Krispie Treats. For our Bible study last Tuesday, my sister treated us all to this classic snack but added a delicious twist: Reeses Pieces. My dear friend Mandy has also made this wonderful dessert before, and I’ve decided that along with pumpkins and costumes, this treat MUST become a Halloween mainstay.

Almost Too Cute to Eat Winner: Debi’s Pumpkin Cookies. My talented mother-in-law is an iced cookie pro. For many holidays all of her adoring cookie fans cross their fingers and anxiously hope for some of her fantastic treats: Christmas trees, beautiful Valentine hearts, and for Halloween time, pumpkins! They are so precious with their pretty icing (that she cleverly etched so it had a more realistic pumpkin look), and I really wish I had a picture to share. Unfortunately, I gobbled mine up too quickly.

Favorite New Packaged Treat: Kraft BooMallows. This year I was eager to grab and freeze bags of Halloween treats that could easily be thrown in to a lunch box for Jordan. I found some snacks that I’d run across before (PB Ritz crackers, Teddy Grahams, granola bars), but these marshmallows were new to me. Their pumpkin and ghost shapes make them a bit Halloween-specific, but besides using them for decorating (they are adorable as treat-toppers!), I’ve been happy to share a few with Jordan for desserts. And yeah, they’re mostly sugar, but since they round up to be about 15 calories each, I’d much prefer her munching on these instead of some of her other Halloween candy finds.



Most Popular: Pirates/Wenches. Granted we didn’t see many trick-or-treaters because we weren’t home to greet them until after 8:00, so most of our visitors were pretty close to, if not teenaged. For that crowd, pirate-wear was preferred. A way-too-close second was the unfortunate popular choice of showing up in NO costume. I remember my Mom letting me know when she thought I was too old to continue trick-o-treating, but at that time at least I was still dressing up. I decided for these folks that their non-reward for showing up to my house without actually getting in to the spirit of Halloween (a true crime, indeed!) would be one piece of non-chocolate (non-brand name if I could find it in Jordan’s collection!) dinky candy. My family let me know that I was shot many dirty looks, but at least they got something! I wish I had thought of this brilliant plan that a dear lady from our church decided to do with her non-costume wearers: no costume, no candy…unless you sing or dance for it. Awesome.

Most Creative Costume: Lego People. A precious family at our church had their sweet little boys paired in these adorable homemade costumes. I have never seen this before!

All-Around Favorite: Elvis. Besides my own little 50’s girl, this costume was my favorite. The little boy who sported it is a neighbor of my in-laws, and he was fully decked out in Viva Las Vegas style, complete with a fantastic wig. I think what made it particularly great was the fact that he can’t be more than 11 years old. I don’t want to post his picture without permission, but trust me, it was great!

jordans costume

Favorite New Costume Trend: Sibling Pairs. Buzz Lightyear and Woody, real monkey and sock monkey, a ballerina duo. I loved seeing families celebrate the day in complementing style. One of my favorites was an entire family decked out as a football crew: two older brothers as A&M football players, Dad as a coach, Mom as a referee, and baby brother as the football.

This concludes my favorites for this year. I’d love to hear some of your favorites, too!

Only 363 days until our next great Halloween!!


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