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Since I’m a holiday nerd (Halloween was just the beginning…), it should be of little surprise to those that know me that I have been addicted to both of our Houston stations that are currently dedicated to “all Christmas, all the time.”  Again with my love for lists, I wanted to think through some of my favorites (and not-so-favorites), and hopefully learn from all of you which tunes you enjoy as well.

1. Favorite All-Time Song:  Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”

I love this song, and yes, it has to be Bing.  I actually just saw this movie for the first time a few years ago (a must-see!!), and the beauty of this man’s voice has had me smitten ever since.  And just as an added bonus to this particular release, we get to enjoy the artful whistle of Mr. Crosby.  I’m told that my Grandaddy had a similar whistle, so it makes this song that much more dear.

2. Favorite Instrumental:  “Sleigh Ride”  Boston Pops Orchestra

When I was a student at Harding, I looked forward to “Christmas Chapel” every December.  I loved the entire show, but the highlight for me was definitely “Sleigh Ride”.  Because of Harding I now still catch myself jingling my keys along with the bells in this song and secretly wishing I had a songbook to slam…

3. Favorite “Modern” Song:  “All I Want For Christmas is You”  Mariah Carey

Even before the movie Love Actually, this was one of mine and Ryan’s favorites, but after we saw the movie it became a seasonal song we’d anticipate.  If we were to have a Christmas version of “our song”, this would be it. We even call each other when we hear it on the radio.

And this is not a favorite of mine, but still I feel it worth mentioning…

4. Most Played Non-Christmas Song: “Same Old Lang Syne” Dan Fogelberg

Because of my fierce holiday loyalty, I feel like I am pretty well-equipped to determine just what does and does not qualify as “Christmas-worthy”.  No offense, Mr. Fogelberg, but this song just shouldn’t make the cut.  In my opinion calling it a “holiday song” just because it mentions Christmas Eve is about as ridiculous as calling Die Hard a Christmas movie.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!  Please feel free to share some of your favorite Christmas songs as well–I’d love to think of you whenever I hear them.


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