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Adventure Update

Alright, it’s been three months since my post about my friend Jeremy, Adventurer Extraordinaire. I’m ashamed to admit that as of now I have not yet participated in an authentic adventure worth chronicling. I’m irritated with myself because three months with no adventure means essentially that these past three months I’ve missed out on something. So, for the sake of making good on my Internet promises (AND to enjoy this life that I’ve been given), I have decided to give myself an adventure deadline. By Labor Day of this year, I promise (to myself), with anyone reading as witness, that I will participate in something I have never done before. I prefer something active (I enjoy sporty and outdoorsy things), but if all other plans fall through then I’ll make my husband really happy and get that tattoo he’s always wanted. Time’s a-ticking!


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Ode to Jana, my delightful, curly-headed friend who has brought to me (and many others) such greats as The Herb Garden, Nursery Day, and (my favorite!) Jana Logic.

Though she and I first met several years ago, I still consider her a new friend. I don’t know if that’s because so many of our Houston area buddies have been in our collective lives forever or because I continue to learn of her wonderfully multi-faceted quirks, but regardless, I am very thankful for her. In recent months she and I have become better friends partly because I just love to be around her and also because of our new shared stage in life.

Like me, Jana is a new stay-at-home mom. I think we would both agree that this “career transition” has been a blessing, and we are very happy and thankful to be staying home with our kids. However with this new shared stage, she and I have both discovered that coupled with the challenges of caring for a new baby is the very real challenge of additional mouths and needs, but significantly less income. It is what Jana has decided to do in our present life chapter that I find both motivating and inspiring.

At this point, I’m having trouble providing an appropriate label for Jana’s talent. See, most labels for her particular gift have a bit of a negative connotation, and I think there is nothing about Jana’s money savvy state that should be considered less than admirable. When it comes to spending money, Jana is just smart.

Since I am a world-class copycat, I’ve enlisted Jana’s help in cutting back on expenses, and from her model I’ve learned so much. Yeah, we both clip coupons and search for deals, but what I really love about Jana’s penny-pinching ways is that it does not interfere with her enjoying life or with being an absolutely fantastic mom. Because of Jana I’ve experienced so much more of this great city in which I live; before our stay-at-home mommyhood I never went to our zoo, museums, or unique boutiques, and because of her wise spending habits my baby and I have been able to do it all for just a little bit of money.

So there’s a great thing that my friend can do. Thank you, Jana. You’ve made life a lot more fun.

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