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Ryan and I were recently discussing one of my specific food dislikes, and Ryan in his gentle manner told me that I was, his words, “nuts”.  I’ve never considered myself a picky eater.  I’ll try anything at least once and never refuse a meal, even if it might not be my favorite. Despite all of this, I’m learning that there are some foods that I just don’t enjoy…and I really wish that I did.  So here’s my list:

Allison’s Top Foods She Wishes She Liked

1. Barbecue

I am a Texan, for crying out loud!!  It’s not really the meat, it’s the sauce that I don’t like.  Something about that flavor–I don’t even like barbecue potato chips.

2. Cheesecake

I think this is a texture thing, because I love cheesecake flavored ice cream.  Based on the calorie count, though, maybe I should count this as a blessing.

3. Peanut Butter cookies

One of Ryan’s favorites.  So sad…

4. Taco Bueno

All of my ACU friends are probably letting out a chorus of groans.  As far as cheap-o Mexican fast food goes, I’d pick Taco Bell every time.  Growing up we referred to this chain as “Bueno is no bueno.”

5. Dunkin Donuts

Sorry Jeremy and Mandy!  We had one of these in Plano when I was growing up as well.  Maybe I need to experience a northeast franchise in order to better appreciate its morning pastry glory.

6. Duck

This seems to be a fancy dinner mainstay, and though we’re not really fancy people, with Ryan’s job we’ve had a few opportunities to meal on this.  I seriously have trouble forcing this one down; it’s so greasy and the texture feels like I’m trying to consume just fat.  I guess that’s what they mean when they call a meat “gamey”.

7. Oysters

Slimy.  Yuck.

8. Chili’s

I feel a lot better about this place than I used to.  When I was in high school, there were very few places to eat near our church.  It was pretty far away, so we’d leave right after school, fight traffic to get to that part of town, and eat dinner before heading to the church building.  With limited options, 9 times out of 10 we’d end up at Chili’s.  I’m not against the food, really, I just think I got completely burnt out.  High school was quite a while ago, though, so my distaste is significantly less than it used to be.

9. Arby’s

Ryan told me that I should add this.  I say that I like Arby’s, but I never want to go…

10. Turkey

LOVE smoked turkey.  DON’T love the rest.  For holidays I’m ok to eat the dark meat, but I didn’t actually have that until just a few years ago.  We’ve always spent Thanksgiving with my Granny, and she thinks dark meat is bad and would always throw it out before we’d eat.  I didn’t actually know dark meat existed until a dinner with Ryan’s family; I thought the browner pieces were just burnt.

There are a few other foods that I don’t enjoy, but since I don’t care that I don’t like them, they didn’t make this list.  Such items include Mi Ranchito, processed cheese, brown liquors, mushrooms…


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