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While I’m Waiting…

As of today, Ryan and I are still eagerly awaiting our next home.  Though we are grateful beyond measure that his kind parents have graciously hosted us for nearly seven weeks, we are starting to really feel the itch for our next place.  I started to get a bit gloomy about the whole thing, and I decided to give myself some time to really think about why I’m so desperate for this house, and here’s what I determined:

I miss my stuff.

Hmm.  While it’s true that most of our belongings are in storage, this didn’t seem to be that terribly pressing once I gave it words.  I thought at this point it might be wise for me to weigh the other end of this spectrum, this “benefits of our current situation” perspective.

1. We’ve been able to spend some time with some precious loved ones. It’s been wonderful to have family around, and this past week we were even blessed with a lot of time with Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law.  Since they catch their plane that will take them to their new home in London on Monday, these last few days have been a fantastic blessing that I would have hated to forfeit.

2. Jordan is having the BEST time!  While on her “vacation” Jordan has been able to watch princess movies with her aunt, walk around the corner to the neighborhood pool, lure family members to her playhouse for tea parties (thanks again, Ismael!), receive night-night kisses from three to six people before bed, and every morning when she awakes she gets to gleefully wonder just how many people will play with her that day.  The kid is on cloud nine!  Plus in the midst of all of this fun she has been able to avoid potty-training for a bit longer since Ryan and I refuse to administer this messy rite of passage anywhere but our own home (and our own carpet…).

3. We are in windfall season.  With few bills and lots of refunds, we have been able to see what being without a home is doing for our bank account.  As soon as we get a house we know this money train will come to a screeching halt, so we should count this transition time as blessing:  every day we are “homeless” we save a bit more.

4. Fun plans?  We’ve got ’em!  Ryan and I are both planners (collective giggle from our friends…), and in all honesty, having no set calendar for our immediate future is a little too unsteady for our uptight natures.  As ridiculous as it may be, we need to plan, and since we can’t plan the volatile route that home-buying can take, we’ll plan something else instead.  In the next several months we have quite a few fun trips on our calendar, and we anticipate even more in the following year. We are so excited and thankful for these plans, and we know we need to be thankful for our present living situation so that these plans can be made.  It would be a lot more difficult to fund a trip to see Mickey Mouse if we had a mortgage.

So we’re still waiting…but hopefully a bit more patiently now.


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