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My incredibly talented husband is sometimes asked to write blog posts for his job at the Baker Institute, and this recent post can also be found on the Houston Chronicle website. A collective sigh from all of us LOST-philes…we’re gonna make it, Friends…



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As Ryan and I have invited all of you to join us in our home search journey, I wanted to update you on our latest news. Last month we found a foreclosed home that met a lot of our wish list criteria in Pearland (well, sort of in Pearland…), and after getting our loan paperwork squared away, we made an offer.  A few days later we heard back from the bank, and in short they said that they were not at all interested in looking at our offer until our home in Heritage Park closed.  Since there was nothing else we could do at that point, we did our best to put that house on the back burner and focus on packing up and closing our other house.

Once we did close, we were thrilled to learn that this Pearland-ish house was still available, and immediately made our offer.  To make a long story short(er), our offer sat on the representing realtor’s desk for a little more than a week before he decided to pass it on to the bank (sigh), but once he did we heard back nearly immediately!  They gave us a counter-offer, and we decided since there were no other bids (and hadn’t been the entire 15 months it was on the market), to counter-offer that and meet them in the middle.  We sent that on last Thursday and waited through the weekend for their response.

On Monday we heard from our fantastic realtor with less than fantastic news:  the realtor on the other house decided to hold our offer rather than give it to the bank (legal? yes; ethical?  well…), and NOW there was another offer on the table.  In short, bidding war time. Bummer.

After the initial shock, Ryan and I decided to do a bit of soul-searching as far as this house was concerned.  In the 7+ weeks we have been looking at, offering on, and hoping for this house, we’ve met a series on unexpected and unwanted surprises.  I won’t provide all of those details, but a brief recap would include increased taxes, a water leak, missing blinds, and mildew. We began to wonder if maybe God was trying to tell us something, and we needed to consider the idea that this just might not be the house for us.

We ended up deciding on what we believe the house was worth to us, submitted the offer on Tuesday, and then waited for what we expected to be less than exciting news.  After a few days (I guess even bankers sometimes have trouble determining which of TWO numbers is the larger one…) we got the report that our offer (the 4th one, for those keeping track) had not been accepted.

So the search is on once again! As our dear realtor reminded us, none of his clients are homeless, so we know something will come up that works for us.  For now we will just continue to enjoy our stay at Ryan’s parents’ home in Clear Lake and delight in the saved income.  I’m hoping we might be able to spring for a Disneyworld trip in the not-too-distant future!

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A Quick One!

Jordan and I are watching Dora right now (her newest fascination), and to be ready for the show Jordan has gathered a bag, keys, and her binoculars (or “her knockers”, as she calls them).  I asked her if she was going to go exploring with Dora, and after looking at me with a bewildered face she said, “I not go WITH Dora.  She not look with me.  She’s on TV.”  I think if she knew the word, she would have added, “Duhhh.” Silly girl…

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So I got a friend request on Goodreads today from a stranger who has apparently been following my book reviews online.  I checked in to her profile to see if maybe she was somebody that I forgot I knew, but no…  Besides her name and where she lives, I discovered the following about her:


Love The Night Favorite time EVER
Only 2 Trust worthy friends and losing one as we speak
I Love doing witchcraft and my religion is Wiccan

Favorite Things:

Colors -Black And Blood Red

Movie -Satan’s School For Girls

I have not yet responded to her request for fear of having a spell cast upon me.  So what’s new with everyone else??

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