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A few weeks ago Jordan and I made our annual trip to the Houston Livestock Show with some friends. OR, as Jordan and her friend Kate preferred to call it, the “radio”.

Jordan was semi-interested in the animals this year, but not a huge fan of the crowds.  Since it was “value day”, the place was PACKED!  For the most part she just seemed content to chat with her friend in the wagon while Marla and I switched off maneuvering through the sea of people.  We checked out the cows, pigs, and sheep, and then headed over to the “farm” so the girls could have some fun pretending.  This was a big hit this year!

We found our friends Amber and Addison while in the farm, and once we finished the activity and the girls were “paid” with a snack, we took another little break.  We were then able to peek at a few more things and go for a quick carousel ride before we had to head back to the car.

That night when Ryan interviewed Jordan about her day, she answered enthusiastically about all of the fun.  After getting all of the details, Ryan then asked her what her favorite part was. She thought for a moment and then replied, “Playing with Kate’s Jessie doll in the wagon.”

Thanks for the fun, Friends!


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So what do you get when you combine three special ladies who are oozing with talent, creativity, and generous hearts, and encourage them to join forces for a party planning effort?

You get the cutest baby shower ON the planet!!

Our precious Jackson Alexander is due to arrive in around 6 weeks (did your heart just skip a beat, too?), and to help us welcome him in style were our dear friends Karis, Marla, and Rachel.  Knowing Jackson’s Daddy to be the dapper man that he is, they conspired the most perfect theme for the event: Bow Ties and Seersucker.

In between the conversations and the fun, I was able to snap a handful of pictures.  Please up the cuteness quotient by about a thousand, and hopefully you’ll get an idea of just how precious this affair really was.  Amazing job, Friends!  Thank you so much for the incredibly special day!!

The sign-in table.  Note the hanging diaper “bowties”!

Also at the sign-in table.  The cute bowtie was one of Jackson’s presents.

The food table. The picture in the back is my pregnant silhouette.

Beverages, anyone?

My food plate.  Notice the fruit bowtie!

The party favors.

P.S. Yum!!

The girls ended up hanging Jackson’s new clothes on the bowtie clothesline.  So sad I didn’t snap a picture of that!

P.S.  Anyone else notice Jackson’s initials?

This kid will NOT be able to escape his name.

Jackson’s Aunt Ashley and Mimi.  He’s in for a lot of love!

Somehow I came home with only one “people picture”, and even though I think you’re getting a GLIMPSE in to the beautifully fantastic day, I feel like I’m shortchanging the love and the talent.  Note to self:  take more pictures!!


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