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Water Logged

Day 4, Parent-Child Swimming Lessons

Subject (aka Jordan) has become wise to our recent morning routine.  After several days of our newly established morning schedule (wake, breakfast, change, swim lesson), Subject initiated some stall tactics this morning to delay the inevitable. After eating her provided breakfast, Subject announced that she was done and ready to get out of her seat.  I had removed both her plate as well as the tray to her high chair when she began to insist that she was still hungry.  I replaced the tray and the plate when the Subject began to wail.  She was done, she cried.  The Subject and I at this point had a brief discussion before it was determined that yes, she was done.  At this point we have 20 minutes until pool departure time.

I packed up all of our necessary supplies (sunblock and towels), and then joined the Subject upstairs to begin her wardrobe changing process.  I left the room to retrieve a public pool safety device (swimmy diaper), and when I returned I learned that the Subject had opened her bag of accessories and released its contents all over the floor.  She informed me that she needed a bracelet for swim lessons today.  After trying on 17 different bangles, the Subject determined that a bracelet was not the thing that would complete her ensemble.  She suggested we look at my scarves instead. 10 minutes until departure time.

Gently coax Subject to changing area.  Somehow tug public pool safety device as well as Subject’s bathing suit on despite the Subject’s twists and turns as changing took place (in all fairness, Clifford was on TV).  Successfully maneuver Subject’s hair in a more manageable state, and then provide Subject with 5 minute departure countdown.

Check email, load vehicle, put away furry companion.

Departure time.  Subject looks at me as we approach the door to leave.  “Mommy, I hungry.”

Convince Subject to load vehicle for swim lessons and arrive with two minutes to spare.  After appealing to me once again about her desperate hunger, Subject appears resigned to the fact that swim lessons are a definite for the day.

Swim lessons proceed with minimal outbursts.  Subject doesn’t even try any escape maneuvers today (unlike previous lessons when our instructor encouraged all Subjects to crawl out of the pool on their own, and the Subject did so and then bolted for the door) and only requested one time that we leave early because she “had learned enough today.”

Lesson concluded, and Subject proceeded to dry off.

As the Subject and I retreated to the dry clothes changing facility, Subject informed me that swim lessons were a lot of fun.  Have not yet had the heart to tell her that we still have one more week to go…


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Back in January while Ryan and I visited our Colorado loved ones, I was struck by one of the many talents of my friend Mandy.  While enjoying one of our several delicious home-cooked Gibson meals (can I get an Amen, Friends??), I searched for a napkin and was directed to a beautiful collection of colorful cotton delights.  “Oh, we use these,” Mandy said handing me a soft, folded cloth.

My paper-napkin-only self must have looked confused, because Mandy soon told me a sweet story about her mother collecting and being given several scraps of pretty fabric, and how they had taken those pieces and turned them in to really special napkins. Mandy had sewn them together herself and had her own collection of cotton napkins to be used in her own home. Not only were they gorgeous and unique, but they also served a very awesome and thoughtful purpose.  Since they’re reusable, they’re a great way to make a “go-green” effort.

Those napkins stuck with me, and when I was able to see my dear friend for a brief weekend back in May, I asked her about them once again.  She told me that they were a project that she’d like to help me with and encouraged me to bring some fabric with me when I made my trip in July.  Noted!

So last Friday Mandy hauled out her machine, did her thread-arranging magic, and guided me through the napkin-making process.  I brought some fabric with me, and in addition to those pieces Mandy also supplied some of her own materials that complemented my collection.  The final result was terrific!

Pardon the graininess. I haven't skillfully mastered my camera phone!

I can hardly wait to use them!  Thank you, Friend, for helping me make something that I already treasure and for graciously giving me (once again!) your time, your patience, and your talents.  Love you!!

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Thanks for the fun!

This past week Jordan and I were able to enjoy a few days with our precious friends in Colorado Springs. While we were there we were able to do some shopping, cook some meals together, play toys, relax and enjoy Jeremy and Mandy’s GORGEOUS new house, and just experience the beautiful Colorado weather and landscape.  In short, we were able to share life with each other this past week, and we had such a wonderful time!

On our way to the airport, we noticed the quiet in the seats behind us.  I guess we wore them out!

Since our return, Jordan has shown evidence that her week with dear Caleb has left a sweet mark on her heart.  For one thing, we are now carrying and sleeping with a green “fuzzy” blanket that is oddly similar to Caleb’s own security piece (named “Fuzzy”), and in addition to this new trinket, Jordan is also convinced that she can hear Caleb talking.  “Mommy, I hear Caleb.  He’s playing guys.”

From her own mouth, here are some of Jordan’s other reflections:

“I like Mandy house.  She is so great.”

“Caleb is my fun friend.  He so good.”

“Uncle Jeremy is Daddy’s friend.  They play baseball.”

We love you, Friends!  Thank you again!!

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