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Princess Jordan is 4!

Houston, we have a four year old!

Our precious Jordan celebrated her special day in royal style, and after the fun, the sugar, and the subsequent nap, I was able to pin her down for a brief interview, borrowing from the creative minds and talents of some of our loved ones.  I’ve so enjoyed the sweet responses I’ve heard from our very much adored friends, and I’m eager to join their brilliant planning and record my kids’ words.  What a treasure.

Favorite color: PINK! And red and purple.

Song: “I Love the Way You Hold Me” by Jamie Grace and “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO

Song to Sing: “Joy, Joy, Joy”

Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, and cheese with holes in it (Swiss)

Treat: jelly beans

Fruit: strawberries

TV Show: Bubble Guppies (I found this interesting.  I think she’s maybe seen three episodes.)

Animal: giraffes (When I asked her why, she said, “Because they don’t make any sound.”)

Breakfast: oatmeal and pink donuts with sprinkles

Drink: milk and watermelon slushies from the “drink place” (Sonic)

Sleepy Friend: Drulie

Favorite Toys: princesses

Clothes: Cinderella dress and her red and white sundress

Favorite Thing to do at School:  Play with the Little People toys with Delaney and Kayla

Outside Activity: playing baseball

Place to go:  Restaurants and Gigi’s house

Places to eat: Red Lobster, aka “The Crab One” (surprising to me!)

Games to play: Sleeping Beauty (Pretty Pretty Princess)

Favorite store: Target

Movies:  Cinderella

Friends: Sophia, Kelton, Aubrey, Kate, Autumn, Addison, McKenna, Brock, and Andrew (Jordan has not quite adopted the idea that she needs a “best” friend.  I’m totally down with that.)

Books: Pinkalicious

What makes Jordan happy: “When somebody puts a microphone in their mouth.” (her favorite part in the movie Monsters, Inc.)

What makes Jordan sad: “When somebody puts me in timeout.”

When Jordan grows up she wants to be: “A teacher like Mrs. Katie.”

Happy Birthday, Precious Girl.  We love you so much.


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