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So Long, Sweet Plugs

After a week of preparation, Jordan (willingly!!) handed over her beloved pacifiers to Baby Silas today. For several months Ryan and I have attempted to plant the seed in Jordan’s sweet head that she is now a Big Girl and that only babies really need pacies. (aside: Spellcheck does not seem to recognize the plural form of “paci”.  It also does not seem to recognize “Spellcheck”.)

Today was the day.  My stomach actually churned as I handed Jordan her bag of pacifiers and asked if she was ready to give them to her buddy Silas.  She marched over, passed the bag, and then moved on to her friends and her toys.  I quickly tried to reward her with some marshmallows (best treat in the world), but I think I was the one who needed more consolation.  As she scampered off to continue playing, marshmallows in hand, I noticed a lump in my throat as my heart swelled at the ease of the pass-off.  My baby is turning in to a big girl!

At this moment we are going through our first unplugged “nap”.  She whimpered for a moment when I set her down, but after a few minutes seemed content to talk and play in her bed.  Definitely not nap-worthy, but at least we’ve been able to stave off some tears so far.  I’ll let you know how the weekend goes.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture from her earlier plug-filled days.  Is it just me, or has Kermie shrunk a bit? 🙂


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Not My Finest Moment

My parents are fantastic weekend warriors. Since Ryan and I have had our home in Houston, they have invested possibly hundreds of hours in landscaping projects and maintenance on our behalf.

Today we took advantage of the gorgeous Houston weather and did some pruning and clean-up on our many shrubs and trees. We were almost finished when I fell victim to my carelessness: as I moved to clip a branch with my (insanely sharp!!) pruning shears, I lost hold of the branch a millisecond before clamping down the shears, and unfortunately my pinky finger got pruned instead. I knew immediately that I’d done some damage and after rushing inside to clean up my wound, I discovered that my cut was a bit more serious than I anticipated. I don’t want to be overly graphic (for your sake, Rachel!), but suffice to say that my finger is not quite as round as it used to be. Oops.

Since I’m a bit of a cheapskate (and because I believe actual stitches to be out of the realm of possibility in this case), I decided to call some emergency nurses I know before running to the emergency room and was advised to apply pressure and get a tetanus shot. After calling my fellow frugalista friend, I learned that I could get said shot at Kroger, and since then Ryan has graciously taken the duty to redress the wound and remind me to keep my arm elevated (so yes, I AM typing with one hand. He’s pretty intense!).

I have always worked under the assumption that I’m generally not accident-prone. After this morning’s moment of intelligence and grace, I rightly questioned this long-held belief of mine, and after briefly evaluating my life’s history I came up with the following list of equally brilliant moves. I’ll let you decide if I still deserve the title.

1. April, 1996. After goofing off with my younger sister, I trip over the hem of my then-stylish baggy pants, kick a recliner, and break my pinky toe.

2. Winter, around 1985. During an icy day, I volunteer to go check the mail. After reaching the end of our slightly sloped walkway, I discover that I CAN’T grip the frosty steps to return to the house. Sit outside for what seems eternity until my parents come rescue me.

3. Spring, 1987. Try proving to a friend that I can do a cartwheel on a piece of playground equipment at our day care. Turns out I can’t. End up in a cast for 6 weeks.

4. Summer, 1987. After jumping off the diving board at our public pool, I fail to swim out of the way before the kid behind me jumps in. His teeth + my head = panicked lifeguards. Still don’t think this one is my fault, though.

5. Winter, 1986-ish. My Grandma asks me to check to see if the iron is still on. I do so by putting my hand against the plate. It was on.

6. Winter, 2008. As I wrapped up food preparations one evening, I grabbed the handle of a fresh-out-of-the-oven pan to scoot it out of the way. Apparently didn’t learn my lesson after #5.

As of now (13+ hours later) my finger has not quite stopped bleeding. I’ve agreed that if it’s still like this in the morning, I’ll make that doctor’s trip after all. Boo.

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The Land of the LOST

With the final season of LOST just three weeks away (collective sigh), I wanted to reprise a previous post and gather all unanswered questions regarding this crazy plot. PLEASE feel free to add whatever inquiries you might have as well—I’d love further reason to lie awake at night! 🙂

Part I: The “Obvious” Questions

1. What about Juliet? The final seconds of last season saw her in a pretty precarious place, and though I’m beginning to think that “alive” on this show is a relative term, I’d still like to know just what this bomb detonation meant for her.

2. Just what is the Smoke Monster? I appreciate the additional clues that we gained this season, but there’s still a lot I’d like to know. How does it work? If it can be controlled, who controls it? Is it its very own entity?

3. The Four-Toed Statue? How long has it been there? What does it mean that it’s holding an ankh? Who built it, and what is it for?? And at some point it went from a huge full-bodied statue to just a foot. What happened there?

4. What is the deal with Richard’s eternal youth? How old is this man really?

5. What about Claire? Is it even possible for her and Aaron to be reunited? Is she even alive??

Part II: Questions Spurred from Season 5

1. Why is it that pregnant women die on the island? As we saw with our former Dharma residents and the birth of little Ethan, they didn’t used to. What happened?

2. I’ll admit that I may have missed this, but how did Ethan become an Other? As we saw from last season, child kidnapping wasn’t always necessarily a practice of the Others (not until Alex, anyway), and since the rest of the Dharma residents, including Ethan’s father Horace were annihilated by Ben, how did Ethan survive? Were there any other Dharma kids with him when he joined their Hostiles?

3. What exactly is this “Loophole”? I know just in my own house there are a million theories looming about (my husband and I have talked many circles around this idea), but I would appreciate some clarity.

4. What connection do Ilana and the huge guy from the plane (name escapes me) have with Jacob? Are they possibly “Others”? Is there another island group we have yet to meet? Have they even been there before?

5. What is in Hurley’s (Jacob’s) guitar?

6. “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” We’ve already looked up the Latin online, so I know the “answer”, but what does that mean exactly? For the answer to just be “Jacob” seems a bit too easy…

Part III: Questions That Maybe Only I Have

1. Why the polar bears? Maybe this has already been answered in sorts, but with the skeleton in the desert and the picture on Walt’s comic book, I feel like we’re still missing something.

2. Are we ever going to completely understand why Walt was thought to be so special? I haven’t forgotten about his mysterious “powers” (like his creeped out stepdad and the suicidal bird on his window), and though I liked seeing him last season, I don’t feel like the island has to be done with him. Is it??

3. I know you’d like me to forget, but help me out here. Why was Libby in an asylum? With Hurley??

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s comments, and can’t wait for February 2nd!

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